Japanese Curry Omurice

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Japanese Curry Omurice



A japanese curry rice that top with delicious dreamy omelette


For the curry soup
- 1 onion
- 1 carrot
- 1 potato
- 1/2 ginger
- 1/4 apple (fuji apple)
- 2 blocks of curry roux (vermount curry)
- 600ml dashi/ chicken stock
- a pinch of salt

For the rice
- 1/2 carrot
- 1/2 onion
- pakcoy / caisim
- mushroom (optional)
- chicken breast
- a pinch of salt
- 1/2tsp- 1tsp of corn starch
- 1/2tsp- 1tsp of water
- 1/2tsp of oil
- 2tbsp- 3 tsbp of curry soup
- a pinch of white pepper

For the omelette
- 4 eggs
- oil

Cara Membuat
  1. First, we make the curry soup
    1. Cut all the ingredients into little dice
    2. Heat the pan with oil
    3. Put in all the ingredients and add salt
    4. After golden brown, pour down the dashi/ chicken stock
    5. In low heat, cook the vegetable for about 15 minutes until they become soft.
    (Be careful to check the level of the soup. Don't make it too thick. If it becomes too thick, pour a water to it and add a little bit of soy sauce. Just taste it after pour the water to get the best taste)
    6. Once they are soft, take it off from the heat and pour it into a blender and blend till they become smooth and set a side
  2. For the rice
    1. Cut all the vegetable and meat into little dice
    2. Pour the water to the cornstarchand stir it well
    3. Add the cornstarch to the meat and add white pepper+the oil (1/2tsp). Mix well
    4. Heat the pan with a little bit of oil and cook the meat for 30 seconds (still raw is okay just make sure to cook it for a while) and immediatelh take it off from the heat
    5. Add a little bit of oil and cook the onion and carrot. Add salt to soften the vegetable
    6. Put in the rice
    7. Add the curry soup (2tbsp- 3tbsp) and mix well
    8. Add the meat and the vegetable
    9. Set a side
  3. For the omelette
    1. Beat 4 eggs
    2. Heat the pan with oil
    3. Pour the eggs for 30 seconds with constantly stir it. And take it off from the heat. Pour it back into a bowl and stir it again.
    4. Pour the back the eggs into the pan and gradually form a crescent (omelette shape) and immediately take it off from the heat.
    Remember not to overcooked it or the inside eggs will be already cooked and will not look just like we want it to be
  4. For serving:
    1. Place the fried rice into a small bowl
    2. Put it into a plate
    3. Put the omelette above it and cut the omelette with a knife to let the inside eggs slide down
    4. Lastly, pour the curry soup! ­čśŐ

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  • Jennie


    - 3 tahun, 11 bulan lalu

    I forgot to tell the I took the recipe from amanda taste but I make a little bit of changing of the recipe :)